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Making Cents of Financial Markets - by Jerry Jasinowski

"If you really want to double your money," said Will Rogers, "you should fold it over and put it back in your pocket."

There are truly strange times in financial markets. The S read more...

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How Much Do Actors Make?

One of the many pastimes that some of us indulge in is knowing the earnings of our favorite stars. There are many A-listers out there who have multi-million contracts, and who like to show it off with their posse of cars and yachts. Even our TV st read more...

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9 secret ways to save money at Walmart

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Financial Co-Dependency

Are you a financial co-dependent? You might be, if you are in the habit of repeatedly giving money to family members who never quite seem to learn from their mistakes.

The term "co-dependency" was originally coined to describe a person marr read more...

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My wife is divorcing me after 21 years -- and wants everything read more...

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History of Accounting

Beyond Luca Pacioli

In 1543, it is believed that the first book on accounting to be published in English was by John Gough. Entitled "Debtor and Creditor", it was portrayed as "A Profitable Treatyce".

In